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Straight Outta Compton Actor Reportedly Arrested Twice After Going On Multiple Rampages

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Straight into the slammer … twice?

Actor R. Marcos Taylor( above ), who played Suge Knight in the film Straight Outta Compton, was arrested earlier this month after going on a rampage at a New Jersey bank.

According to TMZ, police were called to a TD Bank on August 8 after Taylor got violent, threatening to kill employees and even lunging at cops.

Law enforcement officials say the actor blew up over an issue with his bank card and had been hostile from the start. After losing his patience with an employee, he reportedly told “I will fucking kill you.”

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When cops arrived on the scene, the martial artist reportedly got into a fighting posture, prompting officers to pepper spraying and arrest him.

Taylor was charged with terroristic threats, blockage of justice, and disorderly behavior — but apparently, his week of troublemaking wasn’t over.

TMZ also reported that the very next day, Taylor was arrested for assault after allegedly attacking employees at an Italian restaurant.

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Sources say on August 9, the stuntman got into a heated argument with the manager of a Carrabba’s Italian Grill in Green Brook, NJ — which led to Taylor punching the manager multiple times in the face.

According to Taylor’s attorney, the actor got jumped in the parking lot and was hitting back in self-defense. The actor even penned a vague reference to his innocence on Instagram, writing 😛 TAGEND

“Don’t believe everything you read #thatismyjudgement”

Restaurant employees, however, tell Taylor started an all out brawl — even punching a woman in the head — in the restaurant, which led to employees dragging him out of the building. Taylor was reportedly charged with 4 counts of assault, 1 count of criminal mischief and 1 count of disorderly conduct.

Sounds like an intense few days — perhaps it was just method acting that went too far?

[ Image via Instagram .]

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